temu coupon code 2024, USA, Canada, uk, Australia, germany, mexico

if you are using Temu app and use Temu coupon code then you might wonder, how can i get Temu coupon code for existing user or customers. Temu offer wide range of deals and offer every month, the company launches various offeres every month, for existing coustomer this platform offers temu free gift cards also  you can get good offer depending on you purchase history towards temu app.

Temu Coupon Codes 2024

Temu coupon codes 2024
Temu coupon codes 2024

In this article, we will discussed some popular temu discount offers and temu coupon codes, and how can you get apply and get this in your app.

10% Off

: 10% off
Minimum basket value: $39
User restrictions: Valid for new users only
Brand conditions: Sitewide
Terms and conditions: Capped at $10

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Expires on: 16-06-2024

10% Off

: 10% off
Minimum basket value: $39
User restrictions: Valid for first time users only
Brand conditions: Sitewide
Terms and conditions: Capped at $10

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Expired on: 22-04-2024

30% discount

: 30% off
Minimum basket value: $39
User restrictions: For first time users only
Brand conditions: Sitewide
Terms and conditions: Capped at $25

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Expires on: 10-06-2024

Code on the app

: $20
User restrictions: New app users
Brand conditions: App wide

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Expires on: 02-06-2024


: 30% off
Minimum basket value: $39
User restrictions: Valid for first time users only
Brand conditions: Sitewide
Terms and conditions: Capped at $25

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Expired on: 20-04-2024

How to Get Temu Coupon Code 2024 ?

Here are a few Temu coupon codes available in 2024:

  • 30% off orders over $39: This code is valid for both new and existing customers
  • Additional 10% off: This code might be available on top of the 30% off for new customers (check sources like coupons Temu).

Here are  other ways to save on Temu app:

  • Sign up for Update alerts on the app: Get a 20% off coupon.
  • Download the Temu App: Get a special discount code.
  • Daily Deals NewsLetter: Up to 90% off.
  • Lightning Deals: Limited-time discounts.
  • Seasonal Sales and Montly Sales: Find great deals on clothing, shoes, and more.

Important to Remember:

  • You can only use one Temu coupon code per order.
  • Free standard shipping is available on most orders.

How to Apply Temu Discount Promo Code ?

temu coupon code, USA, Canada, uk, Australia, germany, mexico

  1. Shop on app and Add Items: add product to  your cart with the items you want to purchase.
  2. Click on Checkout: Head to the checkout section to  order your product.
  3. Find the Promo Code field : Look for text  area to enter your coupon code. It might be labeled “Promo Code,” “Coupon Code,” or something similar.
  4. Paste or Type the Code: Carefully enter the code you found, ensuring there are no typos or extra spaces.
  5. Apply the Code: Click the “Apply” button to activate the discount.
  6. Review the Total: The order total should reflect the discount applied by the coupon code. Double-check to make sure the savings are accurate.
  7. Complete Your Purchase: Once check the discounted price, proceed with your payment method and finalize the order the product.


Important Reminders:

  • Only One Code per Order: Temu doesn’t allow combining multiple coupon codes for a single purchase. Choose the one that offers the best savings for your order.
  • Code Validity: Make sure the coupon code you’re using is still valid. Expired codes won’t work at checkout.
  • Minimum Purchase Requirements: Some codes may have minimum purchase requirements to be applied. Ensure your order meets the minimum amount to activate the discount.
  • Restrictions: Some coupons might have limitations on specific items or categories. Review the details of the code to understand any exclusions.

Temu Coupon Code 2024 For Existing Customers

There isn’t a specific coupon code advertised exclusively for existing Temu customers in 2024. However, there are a couple of ways to save as an existing customer:

  • General Discount Codes: Look for general Temu coupon codes that apply to both new and existing users. These codes are often advertised on coupon websites or through Temu’s promotions. A common offer might be a 30% discount on orders over $39.
  • Temu App and Text Alerts: Existing customers can take advantage of these options:
  • Download the Temu App: Sometimes, the app offers exclusive discounts or coupon bundles for existing users upon download.
  • Sign Up for Text AlertsSubscribing to Temu’s text alerts might grant you a welcome coupon (around 20% off) applicable to your next purchase.

Here are some additional resources to find deals that might work for existing customers:

  • Temu Coupons code Page: While not exclusive to existing users, Temu might list some applicable codes on their official coupons page.
  • Coupon Websites: Search online for reputable coupon websites offering Temu codes. Be cautious of unreliable sources, though.


  • Only one Temu coupon code can be used per order.
  • Double-check the code’s validity and any minimum 

Temu Coupon Code First Order

Here are your options for Temu coupon codes specifically for first orders in March 2024:

General Discount & Promo Code For First Order:

  • 30% off $39+ purchase: This is a widely advertised coupon code applicable to new Temu customers. You’ll need to spend at least $39 for the discount to activate, and it might be capped at a maximum discount amount (like $25).

Additional Offers & Deals:

  • Text message sign-up: Text TEMU to 52927 to potentially receive a 20% off coupon for your first order alongside other exclusive offers.
  • Temu App download: Downloading the Temu app might present a special discount code or coupon bundle for new users on their first purchase.

Finding More Codes:

  • While not guaranteed, some coupon websites might offer codes specifically for Temu first orders. Search online for “Temu first order coupon code” but be cautious of unreliable sources.

Temu Coupon Code $100 Off

it’s unlikely you’ll find a guaranteed Temu coupon code which really works for $100 off in 2024. Here’s why:

Temu Advertised Deals: Temu typically offers discounts in percentages or set amounts off your order total, not a flat $100 off.

Unreliable Sources: Some websites advertise $100 off Temu codes, but these might be misleading or have hidden restrictions. Be cautious of clicking on unknown links.

However, there are still ways to save on Temu:

  • General Discount Codes: Look for codes offering a percentage off your order, like 30% off for new users or a sitewide sale temu canada français
  • Referral Programs: If someone you know has Temu, use their referral code to potentially get a discount on your first order.

is temu a scam?

No, Temu ecommerce company is not scam, like any other e-commerce company like Allibaba.com , amazon.com etc
Temu is a legit ecommerce company

is temu safe?

yes, temu is safe to use.

how temu is so cheap?

temu produces bulk products from china where labor cost is automated and produce comsumer good is very easy thats why temy is so cheap.

where is temu located?

location of temu head quaters is Headquarters:
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

what is the customer care number of temu?

temu customer care number 1 (888) 495-8368

does temu offers free shipping to its customers?

yes, temu offers free shipping to its customers when orders amount is over $129.


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